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Environmentally and Socially Responsible

Highprofile Elements is an innovative hybrid shutter that cleverly merges a 100% poplar timber frame with PVC blades. This shutter was designed to be lightweight to reduce sag, while still retaining the classic plantation shutter look with an affordable price tag. The timber frame allows for wider panels compared to a 100% PVC shutter.


Our Chinese Facility - Leading the way in environmental reform.

Our timber, aluminium and pvc shutter products have been manufactured in our Chinese facility for over ten years. With China continually enforcing manufacturing improvement standards, we are proud to be ahead of the reform curve and on track to maintain our position as a sustainable manufacturing leader.

We have invested $1.5 million in filtration and other environmental controls. All spray and detailing booths are now air-filtered and the exhaust gases are filtered through UV lights and additional filters to ensure no emissions are expelled into the atmosphere. An industrial outdoor dust extraction system has recently been installed, which filters the entire factory. We have the latest energy-efficient model of compressors, which are housed in sound-proofed areas.

Protecting the scarcity of resources for future generations.

Our outdoor shades and interior blinds are manufactured in our Queensland and New South Wales factories. Our local factories are committed to preserving resources and minimising contributions to landfills. We sustainably conserve our planet’s resources by reusing and recycling our products and 100% of our scrap aluminium.

We have invested more than three years into researching and testing waterborne paint on our painted range of interior shutters and are currently running trials on select colours. We aim to reduce VOC emissions and improve workplace health and safety. Waterborne paint is less flammable than traditional polyurethane paint, significantly reducing hazardous waste disposal.



TWO is no more than the people that make up our team, and therefore it is crucial that we continually strive to improve the welfare of each individual. We promote the safety, happiness, and well being of our employees.

In each of our corporate and manufacturing facilities, we ensure we go beyond what is required for Occupational Health and Safety laws. For us, it is not a law by which we must abide, but a human responsibility to our fellow worker.

We value diversity and inclusion. We believe that different backgrounds, experiences, and ways of life bring a wealth of diverse thinking, which contributes to the progression and innovation of our company.

  • Safe and equitable leader in manufacturing in our industry

    In China, 100% of our employees are fully covered by workers’-compensation. We pay above-average wages, give longer holidays, and offer incentive schemes. This has resulted in a 95% worker return rate from the Chinese New Year. Nationally the average is 50-60%.

  • Protecting Kids from Preventable Injury

    Every day our brands are enjoyed by thousands of people, so it is important that we ensure our products are safe to use. All of our chain operated interior roller blinds comply with ACCC regulations without compromising on functionality or design. The current requirements set by the ACCC dictate that the cord of an internal window covering must never form a loop of 220mm or more, nor dangle less than 1.6 metres above floor level and must always be secured by a tensioner or holster. All chain operated roller blinds are supplied with a child safety warning label.

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