Innovation is at the core of what we do. In response to the ever-changing needs of our dealers and their customers, we know we must continue to evolve in order to provide the most relevant and meaningful products and services.

Product Innovation

Creativity is at the foundation of our product design process. With a strong investment in product R&D, we are focused on creating new and innovative products that are not just beautiful but also beneficial to people’s lives – and to the planet.

Technology continues to open up new opportunities with window treatments and outdoor living products; shaping the way we use and enjoy our homes. With the demand for automation and motorisation through all elements of the home, outdated traditional products require continued reinvention of both form and function.

The need for increased environmental awareness continues to shape the way we design our products. From the materials we use and the way we manufacture, to the way in which our products aid in climate control, we strive to tread as lightly as we can.

Weatherwell Elite aluminium shutters, manufactured in our US facility, are a groundbreaking solution for outdoor living challenges, like weather, privacy, and security. This TWO product won two WCMA awards in 2016 for “Design” and “Innovation.”

Service Innovation

hile our products need to speak for themselves, we also believe that our business is as much about service as anything else. As well as continued R&D for our product ranges, we also continue to reinvent the way we support our customers. By embracing technology we know we can make things easier and minimise errors. And by breaking the mould of a traditional window treatment manufacturer-to-client relationship, we can better support our dealers to expand their businesses. This includes in-house M&I services, tailored marketing support and individual guidance plus a dedicated delivery fleet. Quite simply, we know that working in partnership with our dealers holds the key to our success.

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